A Little Bit of Mexico

I am really stretching myself this week....  5 lunches with a Cinco de Mayo theme is hard... and today I woke up late so it had to be something fast...

I figured I would do the flag (or a representation of it) since that seemed easy enough. Flag is bread colored with my markers, and a circle of cheese for the emblem in middle...  Then I asked G what meat he would like in his lunch and he told me hot dog... hmm.... light bulb.. I will turn it into a cactus...(well that's what I tried to do, if you use your imagination you can see it)

The cups are all done in the flag colors :) starting across top so he has carrots (in the green cup), apples (white cup), Mexican jumping beans ok jelly beans (in red), the cactus is also in red, Chips (in white) and cheese circles (in green)

now looking at this picture I think I see a cookie too.. I must of been rushing and didn't realize he was getting a cookie and jelly beans.. well double treat for him today

Still haven't gotten his yogurt and this morning he told me mine wasn't good enough.. guess we are stopping by store on way home.


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