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The Dragon and the Turtle

I was so fortunate to get a chance to review the book The Dragon and the Turtle by Donita K. Paul and Evangeline Denmark; illustrated by Vincent Nguyen

My little Boo boo was so excited when he saw the book.  We first took a picture walk through the book and he pointed out things he recognized.  He really likes turtles so the fact that the one of the main characters is a turtle really excited him.The illustrations are wonderful and very easy for my boo boo to identify item in them.

He and I really loved the story, I loved how the dragon helps the turtle find his home eventhough he is hungry and would rather get something to eat.  It really show how friend even if they are different can help each other out.

Boo Boo loved that the characters pretended to be on a Pirate journey, he like the sensory words too.  How the house smelled (like cookies) how is sounded..etc.

I would really recommend this book to my friends to read, I even think my teacher friends would like it because it does …