Thursday, October 31, 2013

Monday - Thursday Lunches

Wow, where did this week go!

Here are G's lunches, sorry I haven't posted them daily.


G wanted chicken nuggets today, so I had to figure out a way to make it Halloweeny... so the dinosaurs are going trick or treating.   the road is tator tots (G calls them tatornauts.. love)
the door, is a little container that has carrots in it.  Then he has homemade applesauce from our trip to the apple orchard with a Trick or Treat pick and then Halloween gummies and pretzels.


 BOO!  A soft pretzel with a cheese ghost with a eye ring, in the pumpkin cup, turkey on a spider pick, ghost mini cheeses, carrots tucked in. More homemade apple sauce with a BOO pick.


G had an evacuation drill (it was canceled the last time)  So we had to have a disposable lunch, but of course I wanted to keep it with the Halloween Theme.

Juice box, apple slices with vampire teeth, Bat cheese and crackers, turkey with a spider pick
I didn't take a picture of the box, but it is a haunted house.

Thursday (today)

I know it doesn't look like much, but that is because G wanted to buy lunch today, they were having Halloweenies and French fries, but he still wanted his Cheese and pretzel, so I had to make the Halloween like.. skull and bat cheese, with Halloween pretzels.

Guess tomorrow we will be off of the Halloween theme.  It was fun!

Oh Here is the Snack I sent to school on Wednesday

In the haunted house boxes, homemade tortilla chips in Halloween shapes, strawberries on a spider stick and a cheese stick with a rubber finger.. oh and the ghost juice box. (looking at this picture I should of covered the top, oh well)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pumpkin and Panda

G still working on the letter P this week (well up to today, he says he saw her put a new letter in the mystery box)

So on Wednesday I did a pumpkin lunch

Jack o Lantern cheese sandwich (a pretzel stem), with bacon ground, and a little doughnut in a pumpkin paper liner.
Fresh picked apples with a spider ring, and carrot slices.

Today we have Pandas

Two cheese sandwich pandas (mom and baby and daddy)
Cheese PANDA letters
apples, Chicken on a spider pick and carrots.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Make you own Pizza

G was talking about Pizza in school yesterday, and they made a paper pizza... it is so cute

so today I did a make your own pizza (with  Halloween flare) .. I know he won't put it together, he will eat each piece separate, because that is the way he rolls, but at least the thought was there...

Bread round (toasted), with pizza cheese (stretchy skeleton on top), carrots, oranges in a pumpkin cup with a pumpkin pick, pizza sauce in the small case and cut up pepperoni.

Pretzels, gummies and yogurt also in the box today.

Monday, October 21, 2013


Quick to make lunch today, We were out of town in visiting grandparents (and Aunt and Uncle) this weekend. It was a great weekend full of fall fun.

But this morning I was tired! So something quick had to happen

Rice with a cheddar skull, ghost cheeses, pepperoni, fresh picked apples and carrots.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Frightful Fall Hop

I am so honored that I was asked to participate in a Blog Hop.   Bento Bloggers & Friends 
is hosting 3 days of Frightful Fall blog hops, this is day 3.  There are so many amazing Bento Bloggers out there, I am so excited to be part of it!

Anyway on to my lunch....
G's letter of the week is P, so I thought I needed to incorporate that into his lunch.

So we have a spooky pumpkin patch.

Green rice patch with cheese pumpkins, with a tiny piece of lettuce stuck under them.  We have a spider ring in the corner.  The Bat is made from my new CuteZcute Animal Palz Mini Sandwich and Egg Press , man this this is too adorable, the Bat is G's favorite. Under the bat is some ham, then we have some cut up carrots and oranges in a pumpkin cup with spooky pick (chosen by G, I had a Halloween one, but he wanted spooky) In his lunch box he also has a juice, Halloween gummies, pretzels and a yogurt.

I hope you like my first blog hop lunch :) Click on the Button below to be amazed by Loving Lunches

Thursday, October 17, 2013

This weeks lunches

Different week this week.  No school Monday, G and I spent the day together in Baltimore.  It was fun. 

Monster Lunch
Monster Pizza with mozzarella cheese hair, pepperoni teeth, eye ring...  cookies, carrot on a spider pick, Carrots on a pumpkin pick.. Apple sauce (with ghost and house stickers)


Purple Minion (found out it was P week on Tuesday night)  G's favorite movie right now is Despicable me and Despicable Me 2 with the purple minions was his favorite one we saw this summer.

Minion is bread and cheese hair, cheese stick eyes and teeth.  The rest of the cheese stick is cut up in a cup, the other cup is turkey.  The purple pumpkin pick has some carrots on it.  The oranges I tried to make look like a regular minion.  I also tucked a stretchy skeleton in for fun. 

As for today's lunch, you will have to wait till tomorrow.  I am part of a Fall blog hop and will post tomorrows lunch then.  Come back to see it and hop around some wonderful bento blogs

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tiny Prints Holiday Collection 2013

Holiday Card Collection 2013

I know I have told you about Tiny Prints a few times before... but I wanted to share the holiday collection this year it is AMAZING.
I'm hoping that we will be getting our annual family photos done again by my fabulous friend Dawn of Creative Concepts  in a few weeks .. so I had to check out the cards in the new collection to get some inspiraton

so I went to the website to search for Holiday Photo Cards.... so many to choose from... and some great new features this year.
  • New trim options for 2013 - Square, rounded, bracket, ticket & scallop trim options
  • New design styles for 2013 – Contemporary, Classic, Vintage, Full bleed photos, All That Glitters, Bold Expressions, Simply Chic, Woodland Wonder & The New Tradition
  •  Matching address labels and envelope liners 
 Lets not forget about all the great gift ideas too check them out.

As for the cards these are some of my favorites... what do you think...


Golden HolidayGolden Holiday Photo Holiday Cards I love the simplicity and the shape of this one!                                           

Glistening Treetops Photo Holiday Cards

Glistening Treetops


I can see my family in this one, I love the color scheme!

Winter Moments

 Winter Moments Photo Holiday Cards

How cool is this one, Clear cards... that would be different for this year!

Special Joys

Special Joys Photo Holiday Cards 

Love the vintage feel of this one.. I am thinking of something very rustic this year and this one might be the ticket.

Mistletoe Corners

 Mistletoe Corners Photo Holiday Cards

Of course I have to go with a tri-fold the one I did last year went over so well.   Love the colors in this one!

There are so many more than this......   I always try to do something different than the year before and with so many choices Tiny Prints makes it easier. I always love to hear the reactions to my choice and love love love love the ease of Tiny Prints

Guess what.... the cool people at Tiny Print really want you to try them out.  They are letting me giveaway for a $50 off total order (plus free shipping) code at Tiny Prints 
  •   to enter visit the Holiday Cards landing page and use the form below to comment with your  favorite card.
  • As an optional form of entry, please pin their favorite card with the #TinyPrintsCheer hashtag

Sound good to me... does it to you? The giveaway will end on 10/21, good luck

Winner C. Molnar - Congrats!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Fire at the bank so Batman firetruck to the rescue

So coming home from school yesterday G was full of talk about what to do when there is a fire.  So I said ok great I will make you a firetruck lunch tomorrow.. He then goes into this story of how it has to be a batman (his favorite) firetruck with a bad guy and batman has to put the fire out...

I told him that was kind of a bit much for me, but I would do my best.  Today was one of the first days I let him see his lunch before I packed it up (usually he has to wait until lunch time)

So we ended up with a bank on fire (the bad guy is inside) the Firetruck with batman driving (the small black dot)  Both of them are bread, the fire is cheese.  Then we have the bat signal with is cheese.  Carrots, turkey, and apple sauce.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Another Fish - disposable lunch

G's school was supposed to have an evacuation drill today, but the rain is here so now it is postponed.... but we were asked to make sure that they had a disposable lunch today... kind of hard for me to not use my cute boxes and stuff....

So we went with a very simple fish lunch.

So in my very inexpensive sandwich container (had left over from last years snack, and I could care less if it get thrown away)  We have 4 Halloween cupcake liners that have.. shredded cheese, grapes, turkey, carrots, and a bread molded fish.   Nothing too fancy... he does have a yogurt and gummies to go with it.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rainbow Fish

G's class read the story The Rainbow Fish  and he was all excited about sharing the story with me.  I love that he now tells me about the stories he reads in school and then of course how I have to make him a Rainbow fish lunch... love my boy :)

 Rainbow fish is bread with cheddar scales and a chocolate chip eye.
He has some gummies, with the turkey and goldfish crackers on top of them.  Then grapes and carrots.

 (linked to my affliate link in Amazon)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

F week :)

G is working on letter F this week.  Which is fitting I think as we just got him some fish and we have not bee too effective at keeping them alive so we have now had 4 fish in two weeks.  Sorry that was kind of off topic, but totally what is going on...

Anyway... back to F week.  I also decided to try something different in his lunch today.. Breakfast for lunch.  Lets hope it stays warm enough for him (I do have a warming pad in his lunch box, so we shall see, I need to get a good thermos, there I go off on a tangent again....)

Bottom - F french toast sticks with syrup.
Top - F toasts, bacon, grapes with a flag
Outside - a Phineas and Ferb gogurt :)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Spider :)

G talked about Spiders on Friday, so with the Monday morning rush (I just can't seem to get it together on Mondays) I just made a simple spider lunch.  (Even G said it wasn't that great. ouch)

I did put it in his Spiderman box, to make it more special.  Spider cheese sandwich with chocolate chip eyes. On top of a swiss cheese spider web.  Oranges, spiderman gummies, ham, carrots and a yogurt. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Giant Jam Sandwich

G read the story The Giant Jam Sandwich    (affiliate link to Amazon if you want to get the book) in class and he told me all about it.  He doesn't really know if he likes Jam or not, so I decided that today's lunch would be make you own Giant Jam sandwich

He had Grape Jelly (as the Jam) mini chocolate chips (for the mosquitoes) two pieces of bread to make the sandwich.  Then Pretzels, Grapes, Cheese stick and yogurt.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


G was very excited that he got to talk about sunflowers yesterday as he grew 4 huge sunflowers this summer all by himself...  We even harvested the seeds to plant for next year :)

Here is his sunflower lunch, kind of think I might of redeemed myself from yesterday a bit.

the sunflower is a bacon center in a flower cup, with mandarin oranges around the outside as petals.  Celery sunflower stocks.  Crackers, Cheese flowers and gummies...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Saints -- not my greatest work

Let me start out by telling you about the car ride home yestersday... G:   Hey Mommy are you going to ask me what we talked about today...   Me: what did you talk about... G: we talked about Saints, so now you have to make me a saint lunch... Me: Ummmmmm great, I can try.

Then comes this morning, we have to leave early to go to the dentist, I accidentally wake up 20 min later than normal.... and well time was running out quickly.

so I am not very proud of today's lunch, but at least he got his Saint....

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The letter S

G's class started talking about the letter S this week.  So today's lunch is just about the letter S...

Shells, S cookies, S cheese, Strawberries, bacon in the shape of an S.. and even strawberry yogurt.

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