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Ripley's Believe it or Not!


Just a little lunch for the beach

Day 2 of our summer vacation.  We took a little trip to the beach and I packed this little lunch for him.

We had a blast.  I love summer. 


Three Days left

2 days left.... no lunch needed

1 day left
I asked him what kind of lunch he wanted on his last lunch of school (monday is a half day).. and fancy that he piked batman....

So this end another school year of lunches, I am sure I will post some of the cute things we will do this summer and I will do some cute lunches.... but you will all know why there might be a lull in my posts....

4 Days left

We are down to 4 days left (and his last day is a half-day so really only 3 lunches left)

Two little penguins hold up the four (Penguins are G's school mascot) all made from cheese
Bread circle under it with the normal on the side carrots, turkey, cookie and strawberries.

Last week and this weeks lunches

Here are a few of the lunches I have done, G has gotten pizza a couple of times at school, so no lunches needed :)

Today's lunch starts his countdown of days of school left, he gets out on Monday :)

so 5 days till we get to play in the sun all day