Tuesday, February 25, 2014

D is for Duck

D week at school, so today I just made a little duck lunch

The water is some pasta shells, and the duck is a little inside out cheese sandwich.  D is some white cheddar cheese.  Carrots, turkey (with left over cheese)  Strawberry and gummies.

Monday, February 24, 2014

February Catch up

Life has been crazy around here, G got strep throat, work has been hetic and we had a death in the family that caused us to rush around.... In all that I did make G lunches, but never had a moment to blog them, so here they are....

Tuesday 2/18

Wednesday 2/19 - W is for Whale
Thursday 2/20 - W is for Wind

Today (Monday 2/24)

Something simple (a bat)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

I hope everyone has a happy Valentines day.  I forgot to take a picture of the cute army men valentines G was taking to school today, oops.. But at least I remembered his lunch.

Be Mine - the B is marshmallow, and the rest of the letters are cheese.  Bread envelope, with a cheese heart and a bear pick.    Turkey and Ham rolled up to look like roses.  Heart strawberries, heart carrots, a heart marshmallow with mini chocolate chip cookies under it.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

V is for Venus

Back to the letter V today (yesterday could count as valentine)  So this morning I asked G.. do you want me to do voice or venus.. He picked venus, so we looked up what it looked like and he said -- orange-- my favorite color. 

VENUS in cheese, with an outer space bread background, cheese planet and spaceship.  Heart is a pick.  Carrots, salami, nilla wafers, and strawberries.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Hop

Joining a hop again, love doing them.  This time for Valentine lunches.  Can't wait to see them all.
Don't think this is one of my best, but it is still cute and G will still love it and be thankful for a special lunch.

Love Bug

Heart bread with heart salamis on top.  White cheddar cheese as the face, with some picks for the antennas.  On the side, more cheese with a heart drawn on.. Carrots in cut in the shape of hearts (didn't show up so well on my picture) and some marshmallow hearts.

It also G's Day to bring snack.  It's kind of a mild one today as I had just a bit on my plate so I went easy on myself.

Popcorn, strawberry frosted mini wheats, heart to heart cereal, craisins.  All in a cute heart take out box. Juice in pink and red cups go with it.

Hop on over to Biting the Hand that Feeds You to continue the hop.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

V is for Volcano

For today's lunch I used the word volcano.

The volcano is  bread with salami lava (and a bowtie pasta, as the expolsion), V out of salami.   He has a mock pasta salad with bowties, more salami and cheese.   Carrots, Nilla wafers and a strawberry complete the box.

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Letter V

The Letter V week at school.....

Simple little lunch today

Cheese and bread V, with turkey behind it.  V strawberry, Nilla wafers with a V drawn on.  and Carrots in the shape of a V.   On the bottom of the box he has some noodles with cheese.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Winter Olympics

Once again I get to be part of a blog hop, this time for the Winter Olympics.  So much fun, so keep reading to find out how to get to the next blog.

I love the Olympics, this will be the first year that G really "gets" them.... He is in love with ice hockey right now, so we are most excited to watch that event.  The only time we will be a family a tiny bit divided is if Canada and USA play against each other.  I spent my early years growing up in Canada so I have to cheer for my roots....  but all in all I would be happy with either of them getting the gold!

So today's lunch is...

Noodles (by request) topped with some turkey.  The cheese in in the shape of the Olympics hockey symbol, and a USA pick (I didn't have a Canadian one or it would of been there too).  On the sides we have some Nilla wafers with 2014 written on one, carrots with a polar bear pick, and oranges with color picks to represent the Olympic rings.

Go USA and Canada!

Want to see more Winter Olympic lunches.. click on the picture below  to Hop to Food Family Fun.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Jelly Fish

Yesterday G's class talked about jelly fish and he just had to tell me that they don't have brains.. ha..

(sorry the picture color is so lousy, the light in my house stunk this morning)Bread body of jelly fish with cheese eyes, spaghetti tentacles.   Cheese, and turkey, carrots and strawberry.  He has a thermos of more noodles and a yogurt too. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The letter J

J is the letter of the week.  So a simple lunch of J's is what I did today

J cheddar cheese, J bread, J cut out strawberries, carrots, and Nilla wafers.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Letter o week - and then some...

Well last week was letter O week.   We also had some snow and G got a snow day on Wednesday, and went in late on Thursday


I was feeling not so hot, so it was an easy lunch for me with nothing to do with O
Dino chicken nuggets with a sun potato,  cheese flowers, nilla wafers, bread suns, carrots and oranges.

Tuesday - O is for octopus
Left over baked pasta with mozzarella octopus (which are melting away, oops) with some fish rings. 
Cheddar cheese, pepperoni, goldfish crackers, nilla wafers and some apple and a yogurt (not pictured) complete his lunch.

Wednesday - snow day

Thursday - O is for Owls.

Owls are made from bread circles with cheese eyes and wings, carrot noses.  A Cheddar O, applesauce with sprinkles, more cheese, carrots, and turkey round out his lunch.

Friday -  Grandparents lunch, so I took G out of school early as his grandparents are far away and couldn't come.

and that leads us to this week.

Monday - no school

Today (Tuesday)  O is for Olaf (again, G just loves the movie Frozen and when I asked for somthing that started with O  Olaf it was..) 
They might of started a new letter today, but I figure with missing a day last week I could do one more O lunch

Olaf is bread and sharp white cheddar cheese, with a carrot nose and pretzel arms.  He has strawberries, carrots, Nilla wafers and some ham to go with it.  Oh and Olaf is sitting on some blue rice/Ice...

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