My G Man

My G Man

Monday, May 2, 2016

Love my Metal Print from Adorama Pix

So I told you guys about the metal print promotion (here).  Well I was lucky enough to be able to get one so that I can tell you how awesome it is. (Print was provided to me, but the review is all mine)

I can not believe how Gorgeous the colors are.  I took a picture of my boys outside, and had it made into the hexagon print.  I am more than impressed.  It is just perfect.  see for yourself, but the picture does not do it justice

It was super easy to make and know that it was going to look great before it was shipped to me.  Sometimes when I have things like this made I worry that I am not going to get what I saw on the screen.  This time it was even better!

I highly recommend using AdoramaPix!

Go now and get your own!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I'm on Facebook

I've been doing a horrible job blogging....

I have just started to at least stick my lunch photos on Facebook.

I will tell you that the creativity in them has fallen due to walking around like a zombie most of the time... I am hoping that once baby c is sleeping better I will get better with G's lunches.

If you want to check out my page of Facebook here is the link. Like me too!!!!

My Facebook Page


Metal Prints

AdoramaPix helps people turn their digital photographs from abstract computer files into beautiful keepsakes designed to last a lifetime. Their contemporary metal prints capture memories in rich color and vibrant detail. Because your images are infused right into the metal, and not painted on the surface, their metal prints are extremely durable. Not only will your metal image be water and weather proof, but scratch resistant as well. You can even clean it with glass cleaner. Your memories deserve to live in true, archival luxury with AdoramaPix metal prints.

You can find all the fun gift ideas HERE:

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Falling behind again

wow it's been a month since I posted. Oops... I forgot how busy life is with a newborn...

I've been making lunches and taking pictures, but falling behind here.  I will get this all figured out and get back on track soon (I hope)

Here are some of the lunches I've done.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hotel Transylvania.

So... Hubby is taking g to see Hotel Transylvania 2 tonight, so I thought I would make his lunch somewhat to match. 

Two bat cheese  sandwiches, grapes, carrots with a skeleton, ham monster and fall m and ms. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

What a September :)

Well I started the school year well, blogging G's lunches and then... crazy happened.  G got a reaction from being on Antibiotics so he missed almost another week of school.  Then this happened.....
We are over the moon in love with the little guy, and G is super excited to have a little brother.  I have still been making G his lunches, (just skipped when I was in the hospital)

Here is a collection of his lunches...

Hopefully now that things are calming down i will be able to post more regularly :)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Pal

G read a book call My Pal in school, so I figured I would incorporate it into his lunch today.

A cheese frog sandwich is reading a cheese My Pal book.  Frog is sitting on top of some bacon, he is on a bacon kick, so why not, after not really eating for 4 days.....  We do have some healthy stuff too, strawberries and carrots (of course I had to put in a cookie)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What a week...

Well my little guy started complaining about a sore throat on Sunday, and sure enough on Monday it was full fledged Strep.  So we have already missed two days of school :(  What a way to start a new school year.

Today I made him an easy lunch because I really don't know how much he is going to eat.

Turkey "sub" with an art pin, grapes and cheese stick with a star pick, carrots, cookie and some Chex Mix with a music not pick.

Hope he eats and feels better. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Back to School 2015

Well my little guy has been back in school since Tuesday. 
 Isn't he cute!

He had a half day Tuesday so no lunch needed and then he wanted to buy lunch Wednesday and Thursday.... it kind of broke my heart a tiny bit.  But he promised I could make his lunch today. 

I am looking forward to getting back in the swing of things with his lunch and blogging.

I am hoping we don't have any issues this year with him getting in trouble for his lunch.  Today he has some leftover rice with cheese letters spelling out 1st Grade.  The monkey ring in the middle is to represent his classroom :)  He has mandarin oranges with a sun on top.  In the green box he will find some turkey and under it a surprise cookie. 

Fingers crossed we have a better year with lunches.  :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Didn't get Better... ha..

Guess my little blog is way neglected... I still make g some cute lunches, but haven't been posting them anywhere.  Maybe next year when the fear of him getting in trouble will be over I will be better... Although I have been sneaking in some picks here and there the past week to see what will happen....  I think her just telling me I had to stop really sucked the joy out of it.

So here are some of the lunches I have been doing.