My G Man

My G Man

Monday, October 20, 2014

Ghost and Vampire...

We just got back from a great weekend visiting family and welcoming new a very special new member, and I realized I missed posting Thursday (we were away on Friday).

So to play a small amount of catch up...

Thursday - Ghost

Left over chicken nuggets and fries, with a cheese ghost on top.  Apple slices with a ghost pick.  Cookie and carrots.

Today - Vampire (well kind of)

The Vampire is red rice with turkey teeth and a eye ring (please cross fingers G doesn't get in trouble with them)  Fresh apples (we went picking this weekend so fun) with a haunted house pick.  A cookie is tucked in there also.  Cheese and carrot.  I just realized I totally forgot to pack his usual yogurt today... oops... hope he doesn't mind. 

Kidecals Label Review

I was so excited to be provided an opportunity to review labels from Kidecals (they did give me the labels, but all opinions are mine). What are Kidecals you ask... they are personalized labels that are dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer safe.  You can use these stickers on pretty much anything you can think of, they stick to anything (and stay stuck).  (The company does make more than just name labels, bonus)  Check out all the stuff they make.

I have to admit, I got them awhile ago and they have just been sitting around.  G even helped me design them, but I just wasn't sure what to label.  And then...... my son started his hockey league, and the first day out, someone took his stick and he lost his water bottle.  (We did sort out the stick thing, but still can't find the water bottle).  Well he was so upset about the stick (not the water bottle), he talked about it for a whole week.  Wasn't sure what I could do to keep another kid from picking up his stick by accident..... until I walked by the labels.  Lightbulb... I decided to use it one on his hockey stick.

I was worried that it wouldn't stay stuck with all the coldness, and from getting wet from the ice.  But low and behold to my delight it did (and still is).  I am now using them on everything hockey, jersey, inside his skates, even on on of his practice pucks.  And who can forget his new water bottle!

I can't tell you how impressed I am of them.  From the whole ordering process, so many to choose from.. to the performance of the labels. And who can forget the FREE shipping always.   I will definitely be going back to get more.  I hope you check them out too. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Skull and Jack-o-lantern

Tuesday - Skull

Rice, with an open face sandwich (turkey) skull
Grapes, Halloween gummies, carrots and cheese on a skull pick.

Wednesday - Jack - O - Lantern

Pizza pumpkin with provolone eyes, nose and mouth.
Carrots and Halloween gummies
Madarin oranges and a pumpkin (made) pick

Friday, October 10, 2014

Disposable lunch

G was supposed to have an emergency drill today (but the rain stopped it), which required him to have a disposable lunch.  They don't carry anything home that day and they don't want stuff rotting in lunch boxes over the long weekend.

So here is what I came up with today.

Halloween box, with drink, carrots, grapes and cookie, with a piece of turkey on top with a skelton drawn on it.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Scardy Cat

Today for lunch, G has a scardy cat...

I kind of like this lunch, almost enough to be out of my funk... of course he got in big trouble yesterday for playing with the spider I sent in, so that was a bummer...... I guess I can't use little toys etc anymore :(

Cat - cheese sandwich (which he usually takes apart and eats in pieces)
Fence - Turkey
Grapes on a cat pick... I made this from a tooth pick and some halloween foam stickers
Cheese under the grapes
Halloween gummies, and carrots.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Staying in the halloween theme has helped boost me a bit.  So today I looked in the halloween lunch stuff and saw a green spider.... now I wish it was an edible one, but hey.. and my idea came to me.

Spider web

The spider web is turkey open faced sandwich, cheddar cheese stick is next to it.  Grapes with a spider pick in a pumpkin cup.  Cookie, and carrots. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Going Batty

Trying to get out of my funk.... Decided to try to go with halloweenie type lunches the whole month of October ;). Hoping that having a theme will motivate me. 

So today we have bats. Gs favorite. 

Two bat cheese Sammie's. Carrot perches. Now to think about it I should of put the bats upside down. Ha. 

Grapes and turkey and a cookie. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Some of this and that

Well I seem to find myself with a couple of lunches made and not posted....

Last Thursday, (after my I have no mojo post) Garrett bought lunch, I just didn't have it in me.

I was back at it on Friday, but still not as motivated as I have been in the past... or today for that matter....


In small container (because he wanted to get a pretzel at school)
Pasta, turkey, carrots, cookie, and a cheese stick... nothing fancy at all, nothing really cute.. but.. some-days I guess are just like that.

Today (Monday October 6)

Simple pumpkins over pasta, green grapes, cookie, carrots and Turkey

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lunch mojo.....

Its too early in the year to say I think I  have lost my mojo, but I feel that way.  This year G doesn't really have a "theme" a week so I am not sure my focus.  Then he got in trouble for not eating his lunch and "seems" to play with the "toys" I put in his lunch, so I have had to be very cautious  what I put in his lunches... I don't want to stop making them, but with the note home, I feel deflated..

So this week I feel as if they are really simple.

Anyone else ever feel this way? Anything help?


Pizza guy
Left over pizza with a cheese cut out face, grape hair
extra cheese and salami, cookie, carrots and strawberries

Just a little frog (how I love the cutezcute cutters)
Frog - cheese with a salami slice under it, and then some rice colored bluish
carrots, cookie, cotton candy grapes and strawberries


Its October.

Pumpkin with October written on it, salami and some left over pasta

Cookie, carrots, strawberries and mandarin oranges.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Lunches lunches oh my

So I've done it again neglected the blog. Here are the lunches I've still been doing just not posting.