Thursday, July 20, 2017

Stocking up for the fall

So I know it is early but I am getting ready to take a trip to Target to pick up some lunchbox supplies for next year.  Target always has some cute things to add to G's (and now C's) lunches.  Some things I might look for this year are containers (they always seem to go missing) and I hear my favorite Easy Lunchboxes are going to be sold there soon :), I will also look for some cute picks, cookie cutters and other things to enhance my lunches.

Before I go I am going to check Groupon Coupons.... I know right.. Groupon has coupons.  You have to check them out they have lots of stores, including Target.  Check it out here Target Groupon Coupons.  Always love saving money at Target, because you know how it goes you never can go into target just for what you need ;)
Happy Shopping!

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