Tuesday, March 19, 2013

X is for X- Ray

This weeks letter is X, so I tried to create an X-ray.. my first thoughts were to make bones from pretzel sticks, but we were out of them.. so I just had to draw the bones...

Bear bread head, cheese x-ray, carrots, mandarin oranges, cheese with X on them and turkey

Monday, March 18, 2013

Something easy

G got to put his imput in today, as I just wanted to make a simple easy fuss free lunch

He picked the cat cutter with cheese in between two breads, some turkey with a bear pick.  A carrot (only 1 mommy)  a whole banana (was not allowed to cut it) cookies and a yogurt.

Simple and sweet since he helped :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Rest of St Patricks Day Week

Here are the rest of G's Lunches from St. Patricks day week. He has no school today, so no special lunch.. just lunch with me :)

Wednesday - just a small token
Rice with a octopus hotdog (no it doesn't go with theme, but was leftover) with Cheese lucky and a bread shamrock.  Grapes, carrot (cookie hiding) and a pot of goldfish.

Thursday - look who we found

Shredded cheese and bread leprechaun, with cheese hat.  carrots, grapes,  alfredo noodles on the bottom

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

G/ st patricks day week.

Friday G bought lunch, so that is why I didn't have a post.

Yesterday I was feeling a bit sluggish from the time changes, so lunch was kind of boring.... and well I kind of felt the same way today, but a bit more creative ;)

Pizza, cheese stick, turkey carrotts, grapes and cookie.  I did throw in a little Green pick so that I could go with the G theme...

I did have to do snack for his school yesterday so that was a tad bit more creative

Rainbow fruit sticks and pot of gold goldfish crackers.


Ok so it is almost the same lunch as the day before, but... who was walking across the pizza? He does have goldfish and a gold coin to make it a bit different.....

Thursday, March 7, 2013

N is for Nun

Staying with the N theme and since G brought home the cutest Nun hand puppet he made in school, I thought I would try to make him a Nun lunch.

I think she is kind of cute.  Bread face, cheese (colored black) hair, eyes and necklace.   Grapes, carrots, turkey and I think I hid a cookie in there somewhere. Go gurt and juice

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

N Week

N week at G's school... yes once again it is Wednesday and I am getting around to posting...
We are also having a bad storm today, so far only rain, and strong wind, but could turn to snow tonight..... so who knows if I will have to make a lunch tomorrow.


Noodles (but you can't see them oops)
Under all the goodies are his favorite shell noodles with butter. 



Celery, strawberries, cheese stick.  NEMO bread letters.  egg fish.  under is mac and cheese with hotdogs/


Ok you might have to squint to see the nickel and the words, but I tried... it is made from cheese and bread,  grapes, carrot, gold coin turkey

Friday, March 1, 2013

Dr Suess Day and keeping with U week

Since Dr. Suess' birthday is tomorrow I figured I would do a Dr. Suess lunch AND stay with the U week.

So we have the Lorax (cheese and bread) with the word Unless in marshmallows.  Truffula trees cheese and pretzel sticks.  Cat in the hat, hat, strawberries and bananas, with a cookie on the bottom. One Fish Two Fish etc... goldfish crackers.. and Green eggs and Ham, deviled green egg.

Harlem Globetrotters Tour!

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