Thursday, June 14, 2018

Love your SMILE

So how many of you have ever wanted whiter teeth. I know I have, as I have gotten older the years of drinking coffee and other staining drinks and food have caught up with me. I want those bright white teeth of years past. I’ve tried whitening toothpaste... didn’t really work... I’ve tried those white strips… they were better, but sometimes a pain to make them stay on and took a long time. I have even thought about just spending the money and having my dentist to whiten them. Well if you are like me and have tried other methods do I have something for you.

Smile Brilliant teeth whitening system. Let me first tell you how easy this is to use.

To start you get a kit to create your own personal teeth trays. These are not one size fits all, they are molded to YOUR teeth. It does take a few days for them to create them, but it is way worth it. When I got my trays back in the mail (yes you don’t even need to leave your house) I was happily surprised that the trays were soft. I figured they were going to be hard plastic, but nope.

Once you have the trays it is a super easy two step process, best done at night. You brush your teeth with no toothpaste then take the whitening gel and put a thin strip on the tray where it will hit your teeth the best and pop them in. I will say the first time I did this I think I used to much gel and it came out of the tray, it is not the most pleasant tasting gel, but not horrible... the next time I used less and had no problems. You leave this on your teeth for at least 45 min (that’s how long I did). Just watch your favorite show while brightening.

After 45 min, you take the tray out and rinse and dry them. You brush your teeth with toothpaste this time, then you add the desensitizing gel to your trays (the same way you did the whitening gel) and pop them in. This time only for 15/20 min. Take them out and rinse and dry them and store them in the case it come with. As for your teeth ... you just spit any extra gel out and head to bed. You need to not eat or drink anything for 30 min after, which I why I did it before bed.

So they say that it takes at least 7 days of daily use to start seeing results. That was the case for me. I saw results earlier but my husband didn’t really notice till about 7 days (kind of like weight loss, take a while for anyone to notice). I love my results.

I was worried at first that how was I going to fit and extra hour into my daily routine. But I found that if I do it as I am winding down for the night it fits in perfectly. I be you will find it as easy and seamless to use a me.

Things I love the most. These are recommended by dentist. The trays are made for you, so they stay put and cover all of your teeth getting consistent coverage. It doesn’t take long and is and easy to follow process. Most of all it works.

Please don’t hesitate to add a comment if you have any questions I will do my best to answer them.

Check out my before and after photos too. Hope you love it as much a me....

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Tooth Whitening Gel

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