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Love your SMILE

So how many of you have ever wanted whiter teeth. I know I have, as I have gotten older the years of drinking coffee and other staining drinks and food have caught up with me. I want those bright white teeth of years past. I’ve tried whitening toothpaste... didn’t really work... I’ve tried those white strips… they were better, but sometimes a pain to make them stay on and took a long time. I have even thought about just spending the money and having my dentist to whiten them. Well if you are like me and have tried other methods do I have something for you.

Smile Brilliant teeth whitening system. Let me first tell you how easy this is to use.

To start you get a kit to create your own personal teeth trays. These are not one size fits all, they are molded to YOUR teeth. It does take a few days for them to create them, but it is way worth it. When I got my trays back in the mail (yes you don’t even need to leave your house) I was happily surprised that the trays were soft. I figured they we…