Thursday, May 12, 2011

Looking for great toys!

Hi All

I am here to give you a review on a great website for age appropriate toys I love that they have toys that are selected from experts. When G was a baby we realized on “friends” to tell us what toys were best, but wish we would of had some “experts” to guide us in the toys we gave him. You have to check out the The Grow and Learn Gift series what a great shower gift this would be… you get a new toy delivered ever 3 months! How cool is that. The plans start at 96.00 and go up from there.
When you check out the baby toy section, you get a great explanation of what you should expect from the different stages you baby goes through and a list of the favorite toys by the expert. Check out the cute things found on the page. G has a few friends who just had baby brothers and one friend with one on the way. I love the zoom zoom vehicles.
Moving on to the toys in the Toddler section.. wish I could of seen these last year. Love that this page is broken down by age. I will have make sure I send some of the things from the 3 year old section to G’s grandparents. He will have so much fun with them… especially the John Deer Fix up Tractor… two things he loves trucks and fixing things… I love that there are all kinds of toys and books to choose from!
Now most of G’s friends are 6 months to a year older than him (they are all from our baby/mom group, so the mommy are my good pals) and most of them have birthdays coming up So I had to check out the toys in the kids section… can’t believe that the “babies” are turning into such big kiddos…. So what do I think I might be getting for the first girl turning 4…? I checked out the 4 year old section. (Have I mentioned how easy it is to navigate around this site!) and what did I find.. so much stuff woo hoo.. I think this particular little girl will really be happy with the indoor garden set. He mom is such a gardener that she will love to be like mommy,.
I will be using this site to research and get all of my developmentally appropriate toys for birthday parties and showers from now on! I really recommend you checking them out. I love that from an education standpoint that they do all the hard work for you! I hope you like this site as much as I do.
I have really only begun to touch on this site, you have to go play in it!

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