Wednesday, January 30, 2013

O is for Octopus

Well I found out that G moved onto the letter o, and I was still on K... oh well good practice for him.
So today I made.....

Hot dog octopus with tater tots.  Goldfish cracker... Cheese stick, heart strawberry and carrots.  For his treat our new favorite... and O marshmallow (doesn't have to be a letter) over a chocolate covered graham cracker cookie.., yum o...

Thursday G has a half day so no lunch to pack and Friday he has no school... so I get off easy.  Be back next week...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snow and Sick.. so catching up

Well here in our neck of the woods we got a tiny bit of now (but around here it is a big deal) so we have had some snow days, no school days and I have been under the weather, so posting had taken a back seat.  Sorry....

Here is my catch up...

January 22nd

W is for Walrus
G came home the friday before with a cute Walrus he made in school.  I tried to duplicate it for his lunch.

Walrus is a soft pretzel with a cheddar cheese heart for his snout, and provolone eyes.  The W is made from bread.  He has the normal with it.

It was also G's turn for snack that day so we make robots from cheese sticks, juice box and apple sauce.  I think they are cute, but not sure how big of a hit it was.,.. lots of apple sauce came back.  Oh well.

Wednesday January 23

On to letter K.
K is for Kite (easy lunch for me as I was not feeling great)

Pizza kite with pepperoni cross and tail.  Cheese K.. cheese stick, strawberries, carrot and more peperoni. 

Thursday January 24th.. snow day
Friday January 25th ... no school day

Sunday - made a cute lunch to make up for the days off :)

Monday January 28th
Staying with the K theme

K is for King
Used my new cutezcute cutter and used the frog to make a frog king

New two tier bento...  the frog is a cheese sandwich, cheese k and crown.  and goldfish.. on the bottom tier he has a cookie, strawberry, carrots and pepperoni.

Today January 29th

K is for Kitten
using my cutezcute cutter again (love this thing)
Kitten cheese sandwich with pretzel whiskers.  Tator tots (requested)... Cheese stick and cheese K
Turkey, cookie, carrot and strawberry.

sorry this post was so long, I promise to do a better job the rest of the week.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

W is for Web

G is really into superheros right now, especially batman and spiderman.  So I figured I would give him a web lunch.

My mom (YaYa) found some cute bento boxes and sent them to G.  Today was the first day I got to use them. He has never had a two tiered one before.. Can't wait to hear how that worked out.

On the bottom tier He has spaghetti with a cheese web.  Bread W, which G cut out himself. Strawberries and a carrot.  On the top tier goldfish, cheese stick and a cookie.  He has a Go-gurt and juice to go with it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

W Week

G started with W this week and on Wednesday he has a Wacky day.  I would of love to make a really wacky lunch, but they are also having a practice drill that day and have to have a disposable lunch, so I just thought it would be easier if he bought.. so that is what he is going to do tomorrow... but onto today..

W is for Wolf.

Wolf pizza, cheddar word Wolf.  Strawberries, carrots, turkey and a cookie. Yogurt and juice as usual.

See you all on Thursday :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Last of the M days

I am sure G is moving on to another letter today at school, but I still wanted to reiforce the letter from last week. So he has M is for Monster.
Pizza monster with a eye ring, and provalone M and nose and mouth.  Carrots, goldfish, strawberries and a cookie.  He has ice skating/hockey lessons tonight, so he also has a cheese stick and yogurt to fill him up, as the boys don't get home till late.

Oh and Friday he had M is for Mittens.  Not that it has been really cold to use mittens (no snow for us) but we do wear them in the morning :)
The beloved buttered noodles (shells) are still in this lunch. Bread mittens, cheese stick, shredded turkey, carrots, and strawberries topped with a marshmallow M.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

M is for Mice

Two little mice found there way into G's lunch today... He asked for butter shells again, so I figured I would just add some little mice...

(sorry for the bad pic today)
So he has his noodles, with a cheese stick.. Then his mice are on marshmallows with chicken nuggest under them in the upsidedown cup.  He has another marshmallow M and strawberries and carrots. 
Go Gurt and juice box accompany :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

M is for Moon

Staying with the M theme, I let G pick out his shapes today... first he said M & M's.... so I went to get the circle and egg shape out of the bin.. and then he saw the moon cutter and wanted that.. so...I obliged.

Moon cheese sandwiches, and little cheese moons.  The word Moon from cheese and breat.
Turkey, carrot and strawberries.. with a little cookie added.  yogurt and juice box..

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

M is for Monkey

M week at school.  So although buttered noodles was on the request today.  Had to make it have something to do with an M.. so I chose a Monkey.

M and Monkey - Bread.. Noodle in dish.. Cheese stick, Chicken nugget under M.  Carrot and strawberries.  yogurt and juice box as always.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Little Penguins

G asked for buttered noodles for lunch today, but I still had to make it cute.. guess I will have to start getting shaped noodles ;).  His class was talking about penguins on Friday, so I thought I would tie them in

he has his noodles, in the orange bowl.  A cheese stick, turkey, broccoli, a carrot and strawberry.  The Penguins are made out of french bread. I think it is simple and cute!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year! Catch up :)

So sorry everyone that I have been out of touch.  Three weeks ago (right before Christmas) I dislocated my shoulder and wasn't able to make lunches for my little guy.  Sweet enough hubby did it for me and they were cute, but he didn't take any pictures... sorry.. not that I could of typed anyway. 
So I have been taking it easy. 

Wednesday was back to school for us and with my shoulder still being a tad bid sore easy lunches have been the key this week.

Here ya go




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