Around One Cactus

G's Yaya sent him a book about a cactus since she lives in Arizona, well he has become pretty into it.  The book is called Around One Cactus.

So his lunches for the past to days have been based on animals from this book.


  The Gila Monster.  Rocks - crackers and bread, Gila Monster Cheese (was a dinosaur cutter, that I took the horns off of) with my natural dye colored on to resemble the Gila Monster.  He has the usual on the side, carrots, grapes, yogurt, turkey and a cookie hiding somewhere.


The Rattlesnake

The desert is rice with veggies to represent the cactus.. (I know a tad stretch, but after my sad cactus during cinco de mayo I wasn't trying again)  The snake is cheese wound up colored to represent the snake.  He has pepperoni, the left over cheese, carrots, strawberries, crackers and a cookie.  he also has a yogurt, its just not pictured.


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