Thursday, February 28, 2013

U is for USA

Simple little lunch today..   When I became a US citizen about 8 years ago, my friend gave me a united states cookie cutter :)  I finally get to use it :)

Cheese open faced sandwich united states.  With Marshmallow USA (in read blue and white, yes it should of been red, white and blue, but I cut them out in the wrong order.. opps)
Ham with a flag pick, strawberries and carrots.  Go-gurt and juice.

Yesterday  G got in a bit of trouble at lunch for playing with the alien, so I guess that teaches me to put a toy in his lunch.  ha...

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

U is for UFO

We (meaning my ) had a fog delay this morning, but G's school did not.. so I have some extra time on my hands and am getting a jump start on my post for today.

G's letter this week is U, and yesterday when I was making is umbrella lunch he found a little alien in my box of goodies and wanted to put it in his lunch.  I didn't think it would really fit with the umbrella, so I told him I would use it today with a UFO... so...

He has a planet of rice, with a cheese UFO... I kind of took a pumpkin cutter and squished it to kind of make a UFO.. I tell you creative blocks these days... Cheese and marshmallow (I had trouble with the O and cheese) letters. The little Alien guy is in the corner.  he has ham on a stick, cookies, carrots and strawberries.  Go gurt and juice too ;)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

oopps I did it again...

Maybe this is what I just need to do... Only tell myself I have to post twice a week instead of everyday, maybe I would feel like I meet that goal, since I am having a hard time posting everyday. 
I make him a lunch everyday, but just don't get on here.

So here are the lunches from the last few days

Joker... ok sad, but he loved it... 

Just a simple frog, G's class studied the frog life cycle on Friday, so I thought I would go with that.  He has a frog pick in his strawberry and a bat (which represents a fly) in his steak

U - Umbrella.. cheese and bread, carrots, strawberry. Bottom has buttered noodles and goldfish crackers.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Another Catch up Post

Ugh... seems like the past few weeks I have always managed to get behind on posting...  Sorry everyone.  Life has been busy (who's isn't) and I just somehow mange to take the pictures, but not get on here and post them. 

So here are G's lunches for the last week.  I think I have also been running on a creative low, so that could be the reason I haven't posted.. not sure these lunches are really all that exciting.. but thanks for checking them out.

Friday 2/15
Sent little tongs/chopsticks to school for him to use with his little bits of love lunch

Cheese sandwich cute with funbites, cheeze its apples and strawberries and a chocolate chip cookie

Monday 2/18 - no school... also my birthday so we had lunch out :)

Tuesday 2/19
Steak with batman ring. Cheese stick, goldfish, strawberries and carrots, cookies yogurt and juice.

Wednesday 2/20
Letter of week is J, yes just getting around to making a lunch with it. 
Bottom - not shown is noodles with sauce
Top - French bread Jet with marshmallow letters.  Ham, cheese stick, carrott, cookie and strawberry.  He has yogurt and juice as usual.

Thursday 2/21

One sad looking cheese pizza Jeep.... cheese stick, pretzel sticks, carrots, cookie and strawberries. 

told you I think I lost my lunch mojo... must get it back.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!  Hope it is filled with lots of love!

Lunch today:

Pink Rice conversation heart (made the rice with red food coloring and pressed it into a heart cookie cutter) with bread Hug Me.  Carrott heart with a pick , strawberry heart, heat pepperoni (in a cherry container)  Cheese stick, and heart marshmallow.
Also go gurt and juice.
Hope it made it to school like this.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Simple Valentine

Today is just a simple (kind of sad) little Valentine for G...

I didn't realize the hear I cut out of bread looked like it was already eaten till I looked at this picture.. ouch! I will do better tomorrow... anyhow.. he had a bread heart, cheese stick, strawberries, carrots, some heart marshmallows, some valentine candy.. and on the bottom tier (not shown) chicken nuggets and tater tots.  He has a go gurt and juice to go with it...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Last four days

Sorry everyone.. work/life has been crazy and I didn't get a chance to post some of last weeks or the beginning of this weeks lunches

Last week I continued on with the letter D...

Thursday - Dog and Doghouse

Pizza shaped dog and doghouse, carrotts, cookie and strawberries on top... crackers and yogurt on bottom.

Friday - Dragonfly

Cheese and bread Dragonfly.  Cheese crackers, strawberries, carrots, gummies, chicken nuggets and a yogurt.

This week is all about the Valentines :)

Monday - Hugs and Kisses

Top - X and O out of bread.  Marshmallow hearts, carrots, strawberries (with a pink bear pick) and pepperoni
Bottom (not shown) mac and cheese, goldfish crackers and yogurt.

Today - Eye Love you

Cheese sandwich cut out with funbites heart cutter.  Heart pepperonis.  Carrot and celery, Strawberries with an eye ring on top, and heart marshmallows.  He has a go gurt in his box also.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

D is for Ducky

I was going to do a whole donut day today, but my hubby ate all the little donuts we had, so without a real donut I kind of figured... wasn't really going to work.... so I had to come up with something else and fast...

Look through the cutter and a cute little ducky presented itself.  Bingo

So on the top tier of his box he has a cheese open faced sandwich ducky and a letter D... Carrots, and bananas on a stick.  On the bottom tier (not shown) he has noodles with sauce, a yogurt and a cookie.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

D is for Dinosaur

Dinosaurs are one of G's favorite things :)  So I was excited to start the letter D with a simple dinosaur. 

He has pepperoni with cheese Dino on it.. a cheese sandwich dinosaur.  chicken nugget, carrots a donut and strawberry

He also come home with a bunch of Dinosaur activities he had done.. how perfect.

Monday, February 4, 2013

O is for Owl

Happy Monday everyone....

I sent G an O lunch today, and tomorrow will be a new letter.

This is the top tier of his box.. I didn't get a pic of the bottom.. we were in a rush this morning..
the owl is bread and cheese, he has his carrot and strawberries (and cookie) on this level
under is some pasta with sauce and a container of yogurt.

Santa Surprise!

Do your kiddos still beleive in Santa?  My oldest G is getting to an age where he is teetering.  So this year we had  a letter sent fro...