Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Hop

Joining a hop again, love doing them.  This time for Valentine lunches.  Can't wait to see them all.
Don't think this is one of my best, but it is still cute and G will still love it and be thankful for a special lunch.

Love Bug

Heart bread with heart salamis on top.  White cheddar cheese as the face, with some picks for the antennas.  On the side, more cheese with a heart drawn on.. Carrots in cut in the shape of hearts (didn't show up so well on my picture) and some marshmallow hearts.

It also G's Day to bring snack.  It's kind of a mild one today as I had just a bit on my plate so I went easy on myself.

Popcorn, strawberry frosted mini wheats, heart to heart cereal, craisins.  All in a cute heart take out box. Juice in pink and red cups go with it.

Hop on over to Biting the Hand that Feeds You to continue the hop.


Thanks so much for the comment!

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