Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Salt Painting - a Hit and a Flop

 Well we had a day off for Elections and I got to stay home with my boo boo.... woo hoo.. Anyway I had seen this cool project I thought we would try.  Salt Painting, we started by covering some blue paper with glue.

Then we dumped some salt on the glue to make a neat pattern picture.  My little Guy loved dumping the salt.  I used the top of a copy box so that I could shake the excess salt off and not have a huge mess :)

After we let the cool design dry, we added water color to it, this is where this project flopped for me....(its supposed to travel down the salt tracks)  It still looked cool after it was over.  Not sure how to fix my issues.. maybe I will try again later. 

The bottom line is that boo boo had a blast and was proud of his picture at the end.  

Ps.. this is not a keeper project..  the salt does flake off... so take a photo of it to remember it.

Let me know if you have better luck doing this than we did.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Hello everyone!

I am a Mother to   2 year old son and I want to showcase things we do together.  I am also a full time teacher, so that is why I call myself the summer mum.  Not that I am not a mom all the time I just love that in the summer I get to only have one full time job the most important one.  A Mom!  So I hope you enjoy seeing all the things I do with My son G. 

Harlem Globetrotters Tour!

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