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Horton Hears a Who

Well here is another of my "interpretations" of the Dr. Seuss book.  Today is Horton and his fluff ball that holds the Who's... once again in my brain I thought oh I can recreate Horton.. reality.. lets use a elephant cookie cutter.  All in all still cute and gets my point across.

Horton is made from an open faced cheese sandwich, today is provolone, because G came home last night and told me he didn't like the white cheese from yesterday (swiss).  His ball is cheddar cheese and the stick is a pretzel piece.  he has more cheese, turkey, strawberries and more sticks :).  Of course included is gummies, yogurt (he gets mad when I don't have this) and a juice.

Hop on Pop

One of G's favorite books is Hop on Pop (he also loves to hop on pop).  He even has the Pop stuffed animal. That he calls his Pop friend.  Too cute....
so it came to me last night to try to do a Hop on Pop lunch.  Now let me start out by saying that I am so envious of the lunches that  John from What's in John's Lunch Bag. gets... that in my mind I saw this lunch as a direct copy of the cover.......