My G Man

My G Man

Saturday, March 24, 2012

What happens when you are running late

Well yesterday I had to have G at school early in order to catch my ride to DC for the day.  I had great plans of waking up early and putting together his lunch (why I didn't do it the night before I do not know) well I woke up super late and had to throw something together... I thought for about 30 seconds that he was not going to get a "special" lunch till I looked in the fridge.

Here is what I came up with...

I had some left over green rice from the other day and that became the grass.. I had hotdogs so sliced them up and cut them up with my new tiny flower cutter... Cut out a tulip out of cheese, with some edible markers, some pretzel sticks for the stem.. a strawberry and carrot flower in a cup and to complete the meal.. a cup cake.  Not too shabby for 5 min.....  he had his yogurt and juice too.

Had a great day in DC visiting the Library of  Congress!

Here is the view of the Capital from right outside the Library of Congress.

Great day and it was Beautiful!

Next time I have to take a work trip I will remember to be a bit more organized.

Have a great weekend

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