Easter/Spring Week

Hello All

Sorry I haven't been prompt on my posts this week.  I am in a week long all day Professional Development workshop and haven't had a moment to post :(.  I have still be making G his special lunches...  so here is the week so far,

 Hatching Egg...
Bread round, white cheese for the egg, used an oval cutter and cut it in two pieces, a little chick out of cheddar with a white cheese beak..  cheese cracker, pepperoni and cheese, carrots and strawberries, and a spring cupcake.


The Early Bird Gets the Worms :)
     leftover ziti (worms).... Duckie out of cheese and a Duckie sugar cookie with frosting... strawberries and carrots, and the extra cheese.

 Butterfy and Bunnie in a Garden

Sandwich round with Butterfly out of cheese (with carrot antennas), a bunny cookie (sugar with frosting, G and Daddy made them this weekend).. strawberries, carrots and the extra cheese and pepperoni

Thursday (Today)

Carrot Garden
     Rice (dirt).. cheese carrots, pretzels spread out in bottom.. a carrot sugar cookie (used my markers on it to try to make it look more like a carrot)  pepperoni, strawberries and carrots.

Of course all the lunches would not be complete without a yogurt and juice box!

Hopefully I will find some time tomorrow to post :)


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