Yesterday the polar express truck (what G class the UPS truck) brought me some new Spring cutters! 
Wilton Easter 18pc Metal Cookie Cutter Set
I love using Amazon Prime to ship my things...It also brought G a gift from his YaYa.. that made him so happy :).So with my new cutters and something that was in the box from YaYa. I came up with doing Bunnies...

He has green (colored with my natural food colors) rice, with a bunny hot dog... a cheese bunny with the floppy ear (from my new cutters) he has carrots, (thats what bunnies eat) and strawberries (bunnies like those to) His treat today is a bunny peep (that's from YaYa).  His yogurt and juice box are in his lunchbox (ok my lunchbox because I left HIS box at school yesterday... don't know where my mind has been)

He got to help me build this lunch, so I think he will be super excited today.


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