Bats at the Ballgame

Today's Story is
Bats at the Ballgame
by Brian Lies.

Another one of G's favorites, Daddy reads it to him most of the time (I think he likes it too)  G's favorite part is when the umpire yells OUT!. So I had to make his lunch represent that part...

I got a chance to use my new mini assorted pack of water-based natural color powders.. I won them from the Blog What's in John's Lunch Bag (Love her lunches).  I still need to figure out a good water to powder ratio, but I like them.

His lunch is the tent from bread and stripes painted on ... The bat is made from a bear cookie cutter (going for ease here people) and wing that I cut out freehand.  I tried to mimic the wings in the book and well we all know how artistic I am.... ha...  I also cut out G's favorite part OUT out of cheese.
In the cups he has the left over cheese and pepperoni and carrots and strawberries.  Of course he has his yogurt, juice and his treat this week a cupcake.


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