We were lucky here today, schools had a 2 hour delay due to thick fog so G and I got to hang out this morning and play.  We played trains, read books and started a Spring painting craft... wish I could have more days like this, but then the two hours were up and we were both off to school...

So today's lunch is  Buzzing with Bees .. G is learning a poem about Bee's in school today so his lunch had to represent that.

(sorry it's a tad bit fuzzy today, must start using my good camera)

 I used my new cookies cutters for the bread with my edible markers, the bees are little birds actually, but I think they can pass (we all know how great my free handed stuff is) made out of cheese. 

He has the leftover cheese and some pepperoni, carrots, and strawberries, pretzels and a cookie. 
His yougurt and juice are also in his box.


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