Book Week :)

Well G's school is doing Dr. Seuss this week and since I already did that theme last week. I thought I would just do a literature link this week, and feature a book and the lunch.

Today is Big Al, but Andrew Clements.  This book is one of G's favorite.  It is about a fish who is big and clumsy and has no friends. He tries very hard to get friends... you will have to check it out to see if he is successful.

So onto the lunch... 

Hubby went to the store for me yesterday and without me even having it on the list spotted the goldfish bread and thought it would be great for me and G!  Score...
The bread has some melted cheese in between it.. it is on a bed of lettuce (for the seaweed) and he has some more cheese fishes around it. Goldfish crackers swim around too.  In the cups we have.. the leftover cheese, carrots, strawberries and an octopus hot dog. (he of course has his yogurt, a cupcake and juice too)

I love it!



  1. Nice blog. You might like this poem about mothers.


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