If the Dinosaurs Came Back

Book of the Day: If Dinosaurs Came Back by Bernard Most
     In this book a boy imagines what dinosaurs would do if they came back. G love this book, his favorite thing they do is go for a ride in the ocean on a dinosaur

So his lunch is... the buildings are made out of rolled out bread, the dinos are from cheese.... He has cheese and pepperoni, apple slices, and carrots in the silcone cups, (I think I may need to invest in some Easy Lunchboxes ) He of course has his yogurt and juice and as a treat a small cupcake.


  1. I love it! My son Pork would love not only that book but the lunch. He loves dinosaurs.

  2. Thanks.. we love dinos around here to... the lunch was easy.. just used dinosaur cookie cutters :)

    Glad you like it


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