Monday - Thursday Lunches

Wow, where did this week go!

Here are G's lunches, sorry I haven't posted them daily.


G wanted chicken nuggets today, so I had to figure out a way to make it Halloweeny... so the dinosaurs are going trick or treating.   the road is tator tots (G calls them tatornauts.. love)
the door, is a little container that has carrots in it.  Then he has homemade applesauce from our trip to the apple orchard with a Trick or Treat pick and then Halloween gummies and pretzels.


 BOO!  A soft pretzel with a cheese ghost with a eye ring, in the pumpkin cup, turkey on a spider pick, ghost mini cheeses, carrots tucked in. More homemade apple sauce with a BOO pick.


G had an evacuation drill (it was canceled the last time)  So we had to have a disposable lunch, but of course I wanted to keep it with the Halloween Theme.

Juice box, apple slices with vampire teeth, Bat cheese and crackers, turkey with a spider pick
I didn't take a picture of the box, but it is a haunted house.

Thursday (today)

I know it doesn't look like much, but that is because G wanted to buy lunch today, they were having Halloweenies and French fries, but he still wanted his Cheese and pretzel, so I had to make the Halloween like.. skull and bat cheese, with Halloween pretzels.

Guess tomorrow we will be off of the Halloween theme.  It was fun!

Oh Here is the Snack I sent to school on Wednesday

In the haunted house boxes, homemade tortilla chips in Halloween shapes, strawberries on a spider stick and a cheese stick with a rubber finger.. oh and the ghost juice box. (looking at this picture I should of covered the top, oh well)


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