November Catch up

Even if I have not been diligent in posting here, I have still be making G lunches (and I do instagram everyday - summermum2) Work has just been down right crazy...

November 1 - completing letter of week H - Hayride

The truck is from bread with pasta hay, cheese pumpkins, some shell noodles, turkey and carrots.

November 4 (letter of the week is L) - Falling Leaves

Pretzel trees with cheese leaves, the ground is some bacon with an extra cheese stick.  turkey and carrots and strawberries.

November 5 - Lightning

Bread cloud, with lightning cheese pieces, carrots and chicken cubes, orange segments and a cookie

November 6 - Ladybug

  Soft  Pretzel with cheese wings and eyes.  Strawberries, turkey, and carrots in a flower cup and a cookie tucked in there too.


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