This weeks lunches

Different week this week.  No school Monday, G and I spent the day together in Baltimore.  It was fun. 

Monster Lunch
Monster Pizza with mozzarella cheese hair, pepperoni teeth, eye ring...  cookies, carrot on a spider pick, Carrots on a pumpkin pick.. Apple sauce (with ghost and house stickers)


Purple Minion (found out it was P week on Tuesday night)  G's favorite movie right now is Despicable me and Despicable Me 2 with the purple minions was his favorite one we saw this summer.

Minion is bread and cheese hair, cheese stick eyes and teeth.  The rest of the cheese stick is cut up in a cup, the other cup is turkey.  The purple pumpkin pick has some carrots on it.  The oranges I tried to make look like a regular minion.  I also tucked a stretchy skeleton in for fun. 

As for today's lunch, you will have to wait till tomorrow.  I am part of a Fall blog hop and will post tomorrows lunch then.  Come back to see it and hop around some wonderful bento blogs


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