Mousey Hearts

Keeping with the heart theme this week.  I created a little mouse for G.

The mouse is two different sized hearts, one out of cheddar and the other out of  mozzarella.  He has a pepperoni tale.  Once again I used my edible markers and still didn't get what I was looking for. I hope he doesn't look too scary......

He has the normal, cheese scraps, pepperoni and crackers, strawberries a yogurt and an oreo cookie.  Somebody (ok me) ate all the carrots yesterday and didn't get anymore... opps... so no veggies for G today.  I know bad mommy.  Guess school could remove his lunch and make him eat the school's (well if school provided lunch) like the case in the news.

What to come up with tomorrow will be my next challenge.
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  1. Super cute! Thanks for submitting. Voting is open now, so come vote for your favorites! I added your blog to our list of bloggers on the sidebar.


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