Eat a Rainbow

Today's lunch was inspired by reading the eat the rainbow blogs from  Bentonbetterlunches
I decided that my little G needed to eat the rainbow today.

So its
Red - strawberries and pepperoni
Orange - cheddar cheese flowers and carrots
Yellow - ok kind of a cheat  "white" cheddar cheese in a yellow cup. (had to use what I have on hand)
Green - celery
Blue - Spiderman gummies
Purple - Raspberry yogurt.

I also added some crackers that could of passed for yellow too.

and to end the meal... .the pot of gold (gold coin chocolate)

I hope he will enjoy his rainbow.


  1. Thanks for the link! I came here through the What's For Lunch Wednesday linky, to check out your Police Car bento, and "Eat a Rainbow" caught my eye just beneath it... love this!

  2. I need to find that yogurt, the perfect purple! Thanks for linking to the Rainbow Connection!


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