All before 9:00 am

Busy day yesterday :). Or should I say morning. G and I were busy crafting creatin beavers :). First up. We. ( ok I) was browsing pintrest and saw fingerpainting bags and knew we had to try. So we did. G had fun mixing colors. What I did was use quart locking bags. Added half sheet of paper two blobs of color. Closed it, taped it down and let g go at spreading it around. He LOVED it.

Next up.... G wanted to play with play dough but... It was all dried up. So. Off I went to whip up some Kool aid play dough

1 1/4 cup flour
1/4 cup salt
1 1/2 tbl oil
1cup boiling water
1 pack unsugared koolaid
Mix dry ingredients then add oil and Water.
Kneed. I sometimes have to add more flour to get the right consistency.

G played for a long time with it this morning. I used orange so it smelled divine :).

All of this was done by 9:00 am. And that just started the day :)

Good times


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