One more Summer Memory

Well G doesn't start school till tomorrow, so one more day of summer memories and then it will be back to school theme.

I asked G over the weekend what one of his favorite things he did this summer was and he said to play with the doggies that we visited.  When we visited New York and my inlaws they have a Brittney named McKenzie and Sister in law has two doggies, an Maltese named Asti and a Papillon called Scarlet .  When we visited Arizona my mothers roomie has a little mixed dog named Chloe.  G loved playing with them all (My mother had since gotten another dog, more for G to play with)
G and McKenzie 


G with Chloe

So today for lunch

A bread doggie, cheese bone.  Carrots, yogurt, turkey and cheese, strawberry and a cookie :)

His last summer vacation lunch...


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