Looking back at the summer

Well summer vacation is over for me... G doesn't go to school until next week, so he is with the sitter this week.  So this week I decided to review the fun things we did this summer..

Up First.... The Dinosaur Museums.. We got to go to two this summer the Smithsonian in Washington DC, and Arizona Natural History Museum

 we went out to see my mum and take in the fun of Arizona.  Fun Fun

So he easy peezy lunch (have to ease myself back into this is)

two dino chicken nuggets, smiley fries, grapes and a heart carrott.

Today we have a Cactus because that was one of his favorite thing he saw when we visited Arizona

Cactus is cheese and bread with little cheese woodpeckers. Then he has turkey, a cookie, carrots and apples and of course his favorite yogurt.


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