My G Man

My G Man

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 2...

Well Little G was not a happy camper today.  He did not want to go to school... yes folks I am that kids mother, the one who is crying in the classroom.... yikes..... he was so happy yesterday and talked about it non stop last night, but then this morning..... a complete change....  I am sure he is good and has calmed down now, but man it gets your heart :(.  Any advice out there?

I hope at least when it comes to his lunch he will love it....

Cheese, bread and a bit of pink marshmallow pencil.  turkey and cheese stick roll ups, carrots and grapes on a flag.  There is a cookie hidden under the turkey cup and I added a yogurt after I took the picture. 

I sure hope my guy has a good day.

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