Much Better Day :)

So this morning G woke up and told me all about his day yesterday (I had to work late last night and didn't see him before he went to bed :( ).... anyway he went on a bear hunt yesterday and was singing me the song, I think I might of impressed him because I knew it to ... I think this started him morning much better.  So off to school we went and only a tiny bit of cling, but a bye mom and off he went.

I hope he likes his lunch today.. yesterday he said he didn't like the marshmallow part.. sheeze...

He has a bread round, with an cheese apple with a penguin on it (that is his schools mascot) and cheese ABC.  Grapes (requested) carrots, pepperoni, and cheese, yogurt and a cookie (under the white cup)

Hope he likes this one.

(I have to remember to watch the flash on my camera, sorry)


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