My G Man

My G Man

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jack and Jill

Today's lunch is Jack and Jill... I found this idea while snooping around the net for nursery rhyme bentos.. and found one just like it at. Charisma in Life and Love
I loved it so.. here is my version.

Jack and Jill are bread cut into circles, with cheddar cheese hair and swiss cheese faces.  The bucket between them is cheddar and swiss also.  in the cups above he has apples and carrots, and turkey and the cheese scrapes.  The Jack and Jill sign is a cookie.  We said the Nursery Rhyme to school today, so I hope he gets it.


  1. Your Jack and Jill are cute. I had a Jack and Jill themed bedside lamp when I was a kid.


Thanks so much for the comment!