Happy New Years, back to school :)

Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a great holiday.  We are all back to work today :)

Last week G did have school on Thursday and was supposed to have it on Friday, but we got our first "storm" and he had off of school for snow.  We had fun playing in it.

I did make him a lunch on Thursday for Happy New Years..

Happy New Years, from bread and pepperoni, cheese clock and face...
more pepperonie and cheese, carrots and grapes

So that night we read the story The Snowy Day and I was planning of making him a lunch to reflect it on Friday, but then we were out of school so I made it for today...

Snow is rice, with a bread little boy... footprints are made from a batman with food coloring on the bottom ;)  oranges , turkey pepperoni and a cheese stick.


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