U is for UFO

We (meaning my ) had a fog delay this morning, but G's school did not.. so I have some extra time on my hands and am getting a jump start on my post for today.

G's letter this week is U, and yesterday when I was making is umbrella lunch he found a little alien in my box of goodies and wanted to put it in his lunch.  I didn't think it would really fit with the umbrella, so I told him I would use it today with a UFO... so...

He has a planet of rice, with a cheese UFO... I kind of took a pumpkin cutter and squished it to kind of make a UFO.. I tell you creative blocks these days... Cheese and marshmallow (I had trouble with the O and cheese) letters. The little Alien guy is in the corner.  he has ham on a stick, cookies, carrots and strawberries.  Go gurt and juice too ;)


  1. Cute lunch! Love your idea with the pumpkin cutter. I am just starting bento and I have like zero supplies. I am sure if I thought about it hard enough I could come up with some cute stuff too.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement.. I have been feeling low on the creative side lately so your kind words make me smile!


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