My G Man

My G Man

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Last four days

Sorry everyone.. work/life has been crazy and I didn't get a chance to post some of last weeks or the beginning of this weeks lunches

Last week I continued on with the letter D...

Thursday - Dog and Doghouse

Pizza shaped dog and doghouse, carrotts, cookie and strawberries on top... crackers and yogurt on bottom.

Friday - Dragonfly

Cheese and bread Dragonfly.  Cheese crackers, strawberries, carrots, gummies, chicken nuggets and a yogurt.

This week is all about the Valentines :)

Monday - Hugs and Kisses

Top - X and O out of bread.  Marshmallow hearts, carrots, strawberries (with a pink bear pick) and pepperoni
Bottom (not shown) mac and cheese, goldfish crackers and yogurt.

Today - Eye Love you

Cheese sandwich cut out with funbites heart cutter.  Heart pepperonis.  Carrot and celery, Strawberries with an eye ring on top, and heart marshmallows.  He has a go gurt in his box also.

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