My G Man

My G Man

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Another Catch up Post

Ugh... seems like the past few weeks I have always managed to get behind on posting...  Sorry everyone.  Life has been busy (who's isn't) and I just somehow mange to take the pictures, but not get on here and post them. 

So here are G's lunches for the last week.  I think I have also been running on a creative low, so that could be the reason I haven't posted.. not sure these lunches are really all that exciting.. but thanks for checking them out.

Friday 2/15
Sent little tongs/chopsticks to school for him to use with his little bits of love lunch

Cheese sandwich cute with funbites, cheeze its apples and strawberries and a chocolate chip cookie

Monday 2/18 - no school... also my birthday so we had lunch out :)

Tuesday 2/19
Steak with batman ring. Cheese stick, goldfish, strawberries and carrots, cookies yogurt and juice.

Wednesday 2/20
Letter of week is J, yes just getting around to making a lunch with it. 
Bottom - not shown is noodles with sauce
Top - French bread Jet with marshmallow letters.  Ham, cheese stick, carrott, cookie and strawberry.  He has yogurt and juice as usual.

Thursday 2/21

One sad looking cheese pizza Jeep.... cheese stick, pretzel sticks, carrots, cookie and strawberries. 

told you I think I lost my lunch mojo... must get it back.

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