Lunch mojo.....

Its too early in the year to say I think I  have lost my mojo, but I feel that way.  This year G doesn't really have a "theme" a week so I am not sure my focus.  Then he got in trouble for not eating his lunch and "seems" to play with the "toys" I put in his lunch, so I have had to be very cautious  what I put in his lunches... I don't want to stop making them, but with the note home, I feel deflated..

So this week I feel as if they are really simple.

Anyone else ever feel this way? Anything help?


Pizza guy
Left over pizza with a cheese cut out face, grape hair
extra cheese and salami, cookie, carrots and strawberries

Just a little frog (how I love the cutezcute cutters)
Frog - cheese with a salami slice under it, and then some rice colored bluish
carrots, cookie, cotton candy grapes and strawberries


Its October.

Pumpkin with October written on it, salami and some left over pasta

Cookie, carrots, strawberries and mandarin oranges.


  1. I plunge through the loss of mojo by trying something totally different--although my mojo is for my own lunches, and I am interested in eating new things! Is your son? If not, maybe you could try the old things in a new way. Cut the carrots into quarters or something. Make it different, but not different. (This is a trick I play on myself sometimes, too.)

  2. Thanks for the tip, maybe I will try that this week.


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