Hearbreak and still going

Yesterday we had a parent conference with G's teacher, and it came up again that he has been getting in trouble at lunch for "playing" with his food.  It was even suggested that I do something different and give him a regular sandwich.  Well I was devastated... this is what I do, this is what I love to do for him.  I know he likes it too, because after talking to him and telling him I had to stop, he was very sad. 

So, after a sleepless night, I decided not to stop.  I will be cutting back, they may not be as elaborate (as you see today), but this is a bonding thing for me and him and its important to me.  I am just hoping that this doesn't cause him to have a bad time at school.  Wish me luck.

So today we have a very toned down lunch.

Left over ravoli and meat ball in his thermos.  In the "snack" container.. Cracker, cookie, apples, carrots and Ghost cut cheese (that was me being a rebel, as I had told the teacher I would stop and hadn't emailed her yet to tell her I wasn't )

This journey may be a rough one this year, so hang in there with me.  I do have to give a little shout out to my friend at Bento Bloggers & Friends, for their kind words of support and making me see that I do have a choice :)


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