Snow and Sick.. so catching up

Well here in our neck of the woods we got a tiny bit of now (but around here it is a big deal) so we have had some snow days, no school days and I have been under the weather, so posting had taken a back seat.  Sorry....

Here is my catch up...

January 22nd

W is for Walrus
G came home the friday before with a cute Walrus he made in school.  I tried to duplicate it for his lunch.

Walrus is a soft pretzel with a cheddar cheese heart for his snout, and provolone eyes.  The W is made from bread.  He has the normal with it.

It was also G's turn for snack that day so we make robots from cheese sticks, juice box and apple sauce.  I think they are cute, but not sure how big of a hit it was.,.. lots of apple sauce came back.  Oh well.

Wednesday January 23

On to letter K.
K is for Kite (easy lunch for me as I was not feeling great)

Pizza kite with pepperoni cross and tail.  Cheese K.. cheese stick, strawberries, carrot and more peperoni. 

Thursday January 24th.. snow day
Friday January 25th ... no school day

Sunday - made a cute lunch to make up for the days off :)

Monday January 28th
Staying with the K theme

K is for King
Used my new cutezcute cutter and used the frog to make a frog king

New two tier bento...  the frog is a cheese sandwich, cheese k and crown.  and goldfish.. on the bottom tier he has a cookie, strawberry, carrots and pepperoni.

Today January 29th

K is for Kitten
using my cutezcute cutter again (love this thing)
Kitten cheese sandwich with pretzel whiskers.  Tator tots (requested)... Cheese stick and cheese K
Turkey, cookie, carrot and strawberry.

sorry this post was so long, I promise to do a better job the rest of the week.


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