My G Man

My G Man

Monday, January 14, 2013

Last of the M days

I am sure G is moving on to another letter today at school, but I still wanted to reiforce the letter from last week. So he has M is for Monster.
Pizza monster with a eye ring, and provalone M and nose and mouth.  Carrots, goldfish, strawberries and a cookie.  He has ice skating/hockey lessons tonight, so he also has a cheese stick and yogurt to fill him up, as the boys don't get home till late.

Oh and Friday he had M is for Mittens.  Not that it has been really cold to use mittens (no snow for us) but we do wear them in the morning :)
The beloved buttered noodles (shells) are still in this lunch. Bread mittens, cheese stick, shredded turkey, carrots, and strawberries topped with a marshmallow M.

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