Well.... I don't have a theme for this week, I haven't really figured out what and if G has Themes at his new school, so I've been kind of winging it....

I was rushed this morning, somehow I just didn't get out of bed as early as I do and then my hair wasn't cooperating (you know those mornings)... so I had to think fast....

Enter - Circle Day

Hot dog, cut into circles, in my pea pod silicone container... (how cute is it) I have cheese in circles, strawberries in circles, and carrots yes in circles...
Then we have a cookie, crackers, his yogurt upside down to show a circle and a special treat of m and ms... yes I wish it was in a circle container, but it was a request from G so it went in last min.

so.. should I stay with shapes this week or just keep being random?


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