My G Man

My G Man

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

So Far Behind....

Ugh, how did I get so behind.  I would blame it on Daylight savings time, but since that was just this week, I am not sure I have and excuse.

So.... the completion of D week...
 Dentist - the Dentist is cleaning vampire teeth, bread hand, with a cheddar tooth brush and sign.
extra cheese, turkey, carrots, and strawberry.
D is for Dog. cheese sandwich (dog) pretzels, carrots, strawberry, and turkey with a dog pick.

 Dinosaurs - sorry for the really bad photo.... dinosaur chicken nuggets, with a bread volcano, yogurt and cookies, strawberry and carrots.

Last week was N week, we did have a snow day and G got pizza from school another, so only 3 lunches.

N is for Noodles, Alfredo fettuccine in his thermos, Wheat thins with n drawn on them, N cheese, strawberries and carrots

 N is for Names... Names from cheese and bread, pretzels, turkey and more cheese, teddy cookies and strawberry.
 N is for Nest (another bad picture, you really can't see how cute it is)  Pretzel "tree" with a nest of mac and cheese with a cheese bird (so hard to see) and some extra shredded cheese. yogurt, oranges in the green box and a cheddar N.

This week is G and my guy loves this letter since his name starts with it.

 G's - Bread, cheddar with G's drawn on , carrots, teddy cookies and strawberries (he has some fried shrimps under this layer)

G is for Grass- Today is the first day that feels like spring here (high of 68) I hope that is sticks around.  The grass is green rice,  then in the flower are some flower cheese and rolled up turkey.  Carrots as the stem  Strawberries, cheese its and cookies. 

Sorry for the really long post, but at least I am all caught up now.

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