Humpty Dumpty

I know I have made a Humpty Dumpty lunch for a couple of years, but I think they have all been different.  G's class read the story Humpty Dumpty yesterday, his teacher says they read it to help the class learn to cooperate and work together... since this is G's second time with her, I found it really neat that he is doing such a better job at cooperating and working together this year.  The past two years she has had the kids make a cute  Humpty Dumpty craft, so he came home with it last night.  I was so in awe of the difference from last year to this year.  I don't think I realized how immature he was at the start of the year last year.  Check out the difference

I just can't get over it... I am so proud to see how much he has grown.

Anyway onto the lunch...

I had to try to do something different than last year...

The wall is  a cheese stick with cheeze it bricks.  Humpty is bread with funny eyes, under him is a stack of pepperoni to make him the same height as the wall.
Grapes, homegrown carrots and gummies complete the meal. 


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