My G Man

My G Man

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Away this week, but still made lunches

I went away to a conference Mon - Wed.  I made up G's lunches on Sunday night, so that
1) Daddy wouldn't have to and 2) so they would still be cute.  I took pictures and was going to set up my posts, but that part never happened.. and I can't find the picture of wednesday.. aughh...

He loves the Spiderman box that Daddy gave him, so it's kind of been the one he asks me to pack his lunch in, most of the time I don't have a theme when I use it.. but I still try to make them cute

Carrots, roast beef, angry bird crackers, oranges and spiderman gummies

Tuesday (first day of not seeing me)
Mommy Loves you

Cheese and Bread Cat open faced sandwich, Mommy loves you on extra cheese.  Oranges, carrots, turkey and a cookie

I used my funbites heart to give him a cheese heart sandwich and then he had the normal , carrots, turkey and oranges...  wish I knew what happened to that pictures.. aughh...

Thursday (first day back)
I found out that his letter of the week is E, so...

I am trying the turkey on the sandwich today in the past he hasn't liked it.. so we will see what happens...  Two elephant sandwiches, a cheese stick, apple sauce with the letter E in sprinkles.  I put the cookie cutter in the apple sauce then sprinkle the sprinkles over the E...
Carrots and a cookie...

With all these lunches he had a gogurt and juice box :)

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