Torani Flavored Syrups! - My little relaxing moment

I love to treat myself every once in a while to a special cup of coffee shop coffee (or Chai tea) The secret behind the drinks I love so much lies in the syrups used to flavor them.
I was recently sent some Torani Flavor Syrups to try at home, and wow I can’t wait to continue to have my little treat in the comfort in my home… I now can enjoy that coffeehouse “coffee” in my Jammies… plus the money I will save in gas and the cost of coffees ROCKS.
Torani comes in a multitude of flavors. I got to try Pumpkin Pie and Sugar Free Vanilla.. Since Vanilla Lattes are one of my favorites I jumped right on it.  But I found a new love for Vanilla pumpkin pie Chai Tea….  Take a Chai tea bag and steep add the vanilla and the Pumpkin pie (and a little milk) and you got yourself a Calgon take me away moment!
There are so many more ways to use the Torani flavored syrups.   If you’d like some ideas, they have a page of drink recipes on their website.
Looking over the flavor selections, I am sure that there is some white chocolate, salted caramel and gingerbread Torani Flavored syrup in my future.  How Yummy would that be at the holidays 
Check the website. and  for retail locations near you, or shop on line
If you shop the Torani website, be sure to use the code shespeaks for a 10% discount.
You must try them if you love to have a special coffee (or tea) Treat!

As a member of the SheSpeaks Blogger Society, (check out all the reviews here) I was provided with samples of this product in order to write an informed, blogged review.  I was not paid to write this post, and my opinions are genuine.


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