Tiny Prints and Holiday Cards

I LOVE TINY PRINTS!!!!  ok I've said it.  I use them all the time to send little cards to say hi, to wish someone a happy birthday send the grandparents a photo card of little g.... etc... they are so easy to use and the designs just rock.

So when I got my photos this year from my dear friend Dawn at Creative Concepts  I rushed to Tiny Prints to see what cute card I could make as my Christmas card.  There are SO many to choose from it is too hard to decide......

I am not sure how I am going to decide this year.. I might just have to get some of each kind LOL :)

I can't wait to start getting cards this year.. it is one of my favorite things that happen over the holiday.  You sometimes get cards from people you only hear from once a year. I am so glad that card giving hasn't totally gone by the wayside.  I love hanging them on a door in my house or stringing a string across the fireplace and putting the cards on display that way.  Makes the house feel festive!

The other thing that I LOVE doing over the holidays (ok it's only been a tradition for the past 3 years) but I love getting G's photo taken with santa, then I put it in a frame for on the fireplace.  I like to have each year out.  I love looking back at the past years.  My family also takes a photo at the top of the stairs every christmas morning and it is fun to display those too.

I am so looking forward to the holidays this year.  G is just getting big enough to start understanding what is going on and it is going to be so so much fun!  Starting with my AWESOME  Tiny Prints Chistmas Cards!

You must check them out go  to this page: http://www.tinyprints.com/shop/picture-christmas-cards.htm. Filters on the left hand side make it easy to narrow down the selection! I like to filter by the amount of pictures I want.. or the type of card...
Let's see if its easy for you to decide!

**Thanks to Tiny Prints for giving me the opportunity to Blog about their wonderful cards, they may of asked, but the opinions are all mine :) ***


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