Snow Day

Yipee, we got a snow day today so I got to stay home with Boo boo...
You would laugh if you actually saw how much snow we have, but under the light dusting is a ton of ice.... yuck

Anyway, so I thought I would go with the theme this morning.  First we used Starfall to "read" about snowman and boo boo even got to dress the snowman.  Then we sang ten little snowman.  After that we read The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.  Boo Boo loved this story, I had to read it twice.  He wanted to go outside and make a real snowman, but there isn't even enough snow for a miniature one so..... light bulb... lets make one out of marshmallows.

Here is what I collected that I had on hand.

1 - wooden skewer - broken into two little pieces and one longer piece
1 - piece of ribbon (for scarf)
3 - marshmallows
1 - Marker (I wanted black, but G wanted purple, sometimes they win)

Boo Boo, started off by putting the marshmallows on the longer stick one on top of each other,

he did great job and only needed a little help holding the marshmallow.
Then he stuck the little pieces on each side as arm, got to love that marshmallows are soft...

We tied the ribbon around his neck and then G used the marker to make a face and buttons.

. he got a little carried away with the last button.  But.. I think it still turned out darling.

Then of course I had to give him a marshmallow to eat.  :)


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