Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to school for Mommy

So yesterday was my first day "back to school". It was good to see all my coworkers but sad to leave g and no longer be just a summer mum......

G doesn't go back till next week but he is with a sitter so I'm starting to get back into the groove. 

His lunch yesterday 
Simple. How I love my new cuddle palz. How easy they make lunch :). 

So my little hamster is a cheese Sammie flying over some ham. Carrots and apples. 

Today he has "sushi"
Ham and cheese roll ups, some with bread and cheddar and others with just ham and mozzarella.  Some plain bread flowers just in case he doesn't like it all together. And some carrots he can use his chopstick for all of them. 

Yogurt and apples on the side. 

Off to do some professional development for some amazing teachers. Till tomorrow 

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